Publish failed. Please try again later . [ pubs -2000 ]



I'm going crazy. I have tried to upload an article made ​​in InDesign in three days now.

But I get

" The content was not published. Publish failed. Please try again later . [ pubs -2000 ] Select Publish to try again .

I've rebuilt the entire InDesign document four times , yet the same results.

Is there anyone who can give me a hint on what could be wrong?

I have published several related articles without problems.

I have Indesign: cc 2015 (build Mac)

And i'm trying to publish in DPS 2015

Best regards


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Hey Ake;

If the error message is about publishing, the problem might not be in the InDesign file.

Is there anymore information in the error message? Sometimes, near the end of the message I can see meaningful information that might be a clue where the problem is. I have seen information about a collection needing a product ID in order to publish.

Another approach is whether you can see the collection and article in a preflight app or DPS Preflight -- If you can see your content in a preflight, that narrows the problem down to publishing-- the status page currently shows no problems in the system, so it may be a missing product ID, an image, or even a missing content file.

HTH - Colin