Problem with DPS APP Builder, I can't create a new APP



I am learning Digital Publishing Solution at the moment I am using the 30 days trial. I created my collection and the APP but I have a question regarding how I can preview my collection. I tried to follow step by step all the tutorials for the DPS APP Builder but when I tried to create a new App, I fill in all the required information but it doesn t allow me to proceed with the next page. Is it because at the moment I am using the DPS trial? thanks Marzia

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Hi Marzia,

In order to preview your content in DPS 2015, you will need to Enable Preview when creating or editing the app.

Also when you’re ready to view content in the preview app, click the Preview icon in the Content & Layouts section of the Portal.

The below article will describe you a step by step way on how to achieve that :

Digital Publishing Solution Help | Preview content for DPS 2015

Regarding building the app, you shouldn't have any problem created the app using a trial account.

Make sure that you have all the necessary fields filled in (General + assets) and click the Submit button

How to create an app | Adobe Digital Publishing Solution tutorials



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