What is the pricing structure for this new release? What is the best approach for a sole-trading designer? I learnt the last version but didn't secure a client with DPS but plan to with the new release.

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Pricing is the same structure as DPS.  We charge a flat rate per app.  Price per app is based on audience (if external) or users (if internal).  If you need a price an app for client, please let me know where you are located and I'll have an account representative contact you.  nbogaty at

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Hi Nicholas, you guys have done an amazing job with this new version, I'm really impressed with it... I think it shows a kind of attention to detail that perhaps the previous version of DPS lacked, which is not to say that's a bad thing, digital publishing is still in its infancy and in 5 years from now I expect the product to be completely different than it is today... the good news is, this is Adobe and Adobe has led in design and video software for the past 20 years. I'm an old Aldus PageMaker user who was converted to InDesign in 2005 after a few, dreadful years with Quark. I'm really hopeful that you guys have some kind of program open to digital agencies who want to build apps for other small businesses who might not be able to afford the full price of Adobe DPS. The Agency model worked well in the past and I'm hopeful for Adobe to keep it up.



It seems that some people really think that DPS is the only solution in the universe to do the same thing as DPS... It's like a religion to some people... Amazing.

Ask experts around you and they will tell you how many thousands agencies in the world are doing the same thing as DPS does but for a much much much cheaper price with a much easier workflow.



You say "WE". So I assume you mean you work for Adobe. Then please tell me who to contact about being charged on my CC for things I did not want. PLUS charging me a price way over what was advertised. Conveniently no contact info for billing or customer service. So I'm posting messages in every forum  I can find. Until someone replies. If this ends up on the legal end. I will take it personally. And the over charged money is not the only thing I'll come for. I count four laws being broken. Pertaining to required info to customers and advertising. Set forth by the BBB and DCA. Both run and supported by the US Government.


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