Preparing to Integrate into AEM's DAM system



First question:

My parent company in Japan is using the Adobe Experience Manager as a DAM system. In the next several months, we will probably have our images added to it. In the meantime, I'm thinking about using LightRoom for DAM. To do it effectively, I would want to add keywords to images. My main question is this: if I were to add keyword in LR, would AEM be able to incorporate those keywords so I wouldn't have to retag everything in the new system? If not, I won't waste my time. 


Second question... 

I was having a problem finding images on the parent company's system. I was looking for a range of products that have a model number starting with CLP-7 (names included CLP-700, CLP710, etc.). So I typed in CLP-7 and got no hits. But when I typed in the CLP-700, I did get hits. Any idea why this would happen?

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