Possible to remove the top Card, Title bar, and navigation?



Hi, with the new DPS Beta is it possible to have the article open without having a card/article summary page to interact with?  

In the previous version of DPS you were able to specify a few of these options.

Ideally I like to remove:

  • The title bar
  • The interaction with the card – straight into the full experience
  • And remove the top level nav "Done" functionality

Hoping I'm just missing something.

Thanks for any help!

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)





Instead of jumping in the list of cards for a collection (what we call Browse Page), there is a setting on the collection to jump into the first article. This essentially bypasses the browse-page and opens up the first article in the collection.

For now, there isn't a way of disabling the app UI.