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possible to display collection pages in a "frame" below static top nav?


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hi. i am building an app for a client to display a large number of documents (mostly PDFs converted to articles). there are many categories which ultimately lead to browse pages that (we hope) will contain a fixed top navigation bar displaying sub-category names that, when pressed, will display various collections of thumbnails underneath in a "frame" of sorts.

i've accomplished this using indesign in the past, but the thumbnails were not dynamic and i had to edit the indesign file and reupload in order to add anything new. we would like to utilize specific features of AEMM to streamline the addition of new articles to collections which can then be re-populated without indesign or other non-AEMM technology.

this functionality is common in web development, but i am a decade or so behind the technology. i have not been able to find any information about native AEMM functionality for the task, but i am certain it is possible with code. and that is where i have hit a wall. there seem to be many possibilities, from cordova API's to bootstrap (?) to HTML/CSS. what's my best bet?

the goal is to make the addition of new content as painless as possible, while still keeping the sub-collections browsable from the same view. i have 2 weeks to complete.

i hope this makes sense. i appreciate any advice, links or examples.



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