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I'm currently migrating folios from a previous app to the new DPS 2015. I have two folios of each issue, one for tablet and one for phone. From my understandings, I need to select a 2 Top Level Collection option in the project settings to get these to work on both devices. I'm also planning on integrating posts from Wordpress into the App. Therefore a designed magazine is to sit alongside content streamed from our blog.

My question is, if I select this 2 Top Level Collection option, will I have to create 2 HTML files for the content which is integrated via a CMS, or will this optimise automatically to fit both? Continuing to create the magazine with two sizes is fine, as all articles are bespoke designs.

Hope this makes sense!

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Accepted Solutions (1)




You can just create one copy of the HTML article files since it'll fill the screen and be responsive, and add that one article to both the phone and tablet collections.


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