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Hi everyone

I'm building a Adobe Publish app which is working well but there are some articles that I don't want in collections as I don't want them to have a card image in the browse page.

So that seems to be fine, I leave them as articles out of collections and they still seem to link when I have a link on a page that is in the collection.

The problem I am finding is when I update that content that is not in a collection it doesn't seem to update in the app... I wonder if this is because these articles are not in a collection?

The question I have is do articles have to be in collections if I want them in an app and can you have an article in a collection but not have it showing up with a card in your browse page?



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)




All articles need to be in a collection for them to be visible in the app. Include the article in the collection, but in its metadata check the box to hide it from the browse page. Then it'll be part of the collection, but not shown when the user sees the browse page.


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