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I've got an iFrame loading a map from Google in one of my HTML articles and when I go to test the article in an offline mode the entire article doesn't load. All I get is a blank white screen. I've got other HTML based articles (without iFrames) that load just fine. I was wondering if this is a known bug or what I can do to get around this. I want the rest of the content visible even if the iFrame can't load.

I'm on an iPad 4 running iOS 9.

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Answers (4)



‌I've only tested it on iOS 9, yes.

And it's not a problem with the iframe not loading when offline, that's a given. It's a problem that the entire article won't load and simply exclude the iframe content. And yes, it's all iframes.

In DPS 2014 when things like this would happen with an overlay we'd usually have some text that would state, this feature requires an Internet connection. But I can't get anything in the article to load, it's just a white screen.




Hi RichinZ,

Is this only happening on iOS9?

You mentioned 2 things

1) Issue with Google map

2) Issue will All (?) iframes

For number 1, if your using a google map api in an iframe, that's almost certainly going to require remote access, and a network connection.  For content to work offline, it has to be packaged entirely offline.  This is not possible with google's map api, as it requires access to download scripts, css, and of course, the map data itself.

For number 2, are you saying ALL iframe content doesn't load when offline?

Please clarify,




I'm still having this problem. Any HTML articles that have an iFrame object in the mark-up will not render the entire article if the device is offline.

This is a huge problem for us since one of the big selling points of DPS has always been the ability to use the downloaded content offline.