New Hamburger Menu on IOS - How to activate it?



So I was reading the new release notes and saw this

- App Menu now available at all levels of apps

So how do I get this to turn on for an app do i just do a rebuild of the app? As It says it will now live everywhere which is fantastic but the whats new page doesn't say what we need to do to activate it. Our in development app isn't showing it so i'm wondering if we just need to re-create the app and re sign it?

(Digital Publishing Solution Help | What's new in this DPS 2015 release)

Thanks as always
George M.

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Accepted Solutions (1)




You need to rebuild the app to see the persistent app menu.

As a general rule, you need to rebuild the app (1) whenever you want to incorporate new features or bug fixes in the viewer or (2) whenever you want to change any of the settings found in the Apps section of the DPS Portal. You do NOT need to rebuild the app when you edit project settings such as adding new Subscription IDs, enabling direct entitlement or social sharing, or updating articles, cards, and layouts.

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Answers (3)



So, is this feature not featured in the DPS Preflight app?  It's not necessary to build an app in order to preview its functionality within the Preflight app. However, the persistent app menu is not visible within Preflight with the files I am using (all new files, BTW)...