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New Batch Edit -- Splendid!


Level 6

So we had a deployment yesterday, anyone else enjoying the new batch edit mode?

Select more than one articles or collections and the pencil icon enters a Batch Edit mode. This lets you edit metadata for all selected items.

Want to add a department, category, or keyword to a bunch of stuff? Batch Edit!

Bob's New Features doc covers this nicely: Digital Publishing Solution Help | What's new in this DPS 2015 release

But also worthy of a mention IMO.

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Level 3

Good thing! But as long as there is no "Select all" the use for that is limited.



You can shift-select to select multiple items in the portal. Click on the title of first item you want, scroll to the last item, hold the shift key and click on the title of the last item.



Level 4

Good to know. I isn't running when you shift click via the checkmarks…

–Haeme Ulrich


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Right, hence my comment on having to click on the titles ☺ It messed me up the first time I used it too.



Level 5

Shift-click to select multiple items is great. It should remain.

But a Select All button is so much quicker and more elegant of a solution! I still think it would be a great addition that many many users would implement, especially because they'll see it on the top bar; and there's no room for a sign that tells users: "oh by the way, you can click the first item on the list and then scroll down to the end of the list and shift click on the last item on the list and this will select all the items in the list."