New AEM Mobile Cordova APIs for Subscriptions and Purchasing



Has anyone had any luck using the new AEM Mobile specific Cordova API for Subscriptions and Purchasing?

We have rebuilt an app since the release/update and have tried to access subscription information via the API with no luck. We are able to access the Entitlement API and return data.

We have looked at the API docs however it is not clear as to how the subscription data should be called.

AEM Mobile specific Cordova-enabled plug-ins

Is there a new javascript file we should be including in our HTML?

Also what is the way we should request the information.

For example device information is

and context information is

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Accepted Solutions (1)



We have been able to get the information we needed.  It needs to be called similar to some of the entitlement methods., failureHandler);

If successful it will return JSON data with information related to the subscriptions that are available. What we were missing was understanding that it was part of entitlement and not something else.

What would really have saved us time is if it could be a UX call like how you can call the signin box.;

If something could be created that would call the subscribe UX it would work in about 90% of the time. 

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Answers (2)