Need Help with testing My app on iOS



IMG_0073.jpgRequirements for Signing Apps


  • The unsigned .ipa file downloaded from Apps.
  • A .p12 development certificate (for building a test app) or a .p12 distribution certificate (for submitting to Apple). You must also specify the certificate password.
  • A development mobileprovision file that includes device IDs for testing or a distribution mobileprovision file for submitting to Apple.
  • A Mac OS computer.

The above paragraph taken from the DPS help document. I Have A developer account but didn't enroll (99$) yet. I want o test My app.

Tried to download the ipa (unsigned) file and install it to the Tablet, I only come u with a generic  icon (I did load custom icon for this app) that when I press on it nothing happen and the caption bellow the icon change to "installing".

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Accepted Solutions (1)




You have to sign the .ipa before you can install it. If you wait a week or two we should have an app you can download from iTunes that will enable you to test your content without having a developer account with Apple.


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