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I'm having some difficulty getting any articles I created in Muse (CC2015.1) to play nicely. I created a fairly basic responsive layout, and it works fine except there's no ability to bring up the Navigation UI. So I then tried creating just a simple, fixed layout with one line of text. I imported the article, and I got the same results; tapping doesn't trigger the navigation or swiping doesn't move to the next article.

Understanding how gestures are handled in viewers

The help area referencing gestures says that tapping non-interactive area displays the navigation. So why does it seem like Muse is stripping / overriding that? I wish it was as simple as just dropping in the HTML Gesture APIs in the appropriate spots, but if coding was that simple, I wouldn't have used a "designer-friendly" program to build articles.

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Answers (5)



Same problem (and attitude) here.

I urgently demand a comment from an Adobe spokesperson on this issue, otherwise I'll stop touting and supporting Adobe Muse for use with AEM. I'm guiding an AEM client in using Muse for AEM articles, and they're waiting for a decent solution, otherwise they'll probably abandon this platform...



Yeah, its frustrating, because there doesn't seem to be much interest at Adobe in making Muse (or Dreamweaver) work better with AEM Mobile. So close, yet so far...



Thanks, Keith, but that thread is basically repeating my issue... Basically, you can use Muse to design your article, but you still have to go into the code and configure the gestures to get it to function properly in the AEM Mobile environment?

There is a video from last year's MAX summit that talks about "No-Coding Required: Using Designer-Focused HTML Tools for DPS."

MAX. The Creativity Conference.  Looks great and all, but if I have to tweak code, then it's not really as advertised.

I don't know how to do that. If there was some walk-through to help explain what goes where, that'd be great.