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Hi everyone,

I have complete project in AEM and one of the component/content has Registration and login functionality where Registration has multiple steps on each page to next page data persist to data base.

If you move this component/content to DPS 2015 using AEM and DPS integration and publish to DPS. Will the Registration functionality works as it is? Are there any changes needs to be done on DPS? Since DPS content is on cloud and once it pushed to mobile app how will the calls to back-end server will happen? If i use javascript to make a call it will be cross domain calls which i dont think correct way of doing.

Please let me know your thoughts and suggestions. Thanks for your help..



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Accepted Solutions (1)




I'm not quite sure what you are trying to accomplish here Vamshi. It's unlikely that your flow of logging into a web site is going to buy you anything in the context of a DPS app because the entitlement for your content is handled by the app. You can't use a login token or key from logging into a web site and use it in the DPS app  to control access to content, it would be very weird to navigate to a DPS article that the app thinks you are entitled to, only to have the article itself make some calculation and claim you can't see it.

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