Migrated collections - low res article images



When collections are migrated from existing DPS accounts using the Migration tool, all articles are being imported with a small, low-res image as the article image. It's pulling the tiny images that appear in the drop down TOC in current DPS apps.

When a grid layout and card layout are set up for these collections, if is pretty much required that we use tiny image sizes or the images will look fuzzy and pixilated.

Any way to have the Migration Tool pull the image that displays in the scrubber bar in existing DPS apps? These images are larger and higher res, and would allow us to create grid layouts and card layouts that use larger image sizes and therefore provide more flexibility and more possibilities in layout arrangements.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)




Hi Rafael,

The release that went out last night adds a new option to the migration tool for this very reason. Instead of using the table of contents image you can have the migration tool pick up the thumbnail for the first page of each article.