Memory issue / crashes (iOS)



We are seeing some memory issues with the Adobe DPS (2015) app and (large) stories, resulting in crashes.

A way to reproduce it is by having two or three stories. Stories should be fairly big, like have several large images. Then:

- Open the large story. In Activity Monitor the memory will go significantly up (depending on the content)

- Swipe through the the other stories and swipe back to the first story

- Th story is being reloaded. Again the memory increases significantly (unexpected).

- Repeat steps until eventually the App crashes. The logs either show it's killed by Jetsam or a segmentation fault occurred.

Same bug can be observed when looking at the inspectable pages in Safari. Each time the story is reloaded, another page appears even though there are only 3 stories (webviews don't seem to be cleaned up properly?).

Is this a known issue ?

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)




This sounds very similar to an issue the engineering team is currently working on. I passed your details on to them to make sure (and thanks for the thorough report, it's super helpful!).