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Is there a way to have localized content based on devise language or user selection?

For example if my iPad is set to Italian, and I have italian version of the articles, is there a way to present those instead of english ?

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Accepted Solutions (1)




Hi Paolo,

Not at the moment. The support for localized content in the new DPS is the same as the current DPS. One suggestion is to put the localized content into collections by language. Then the reader can select one of the collections and just see the content in that language.


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Answers (5)



The reason I'm asking is because we have more than one client using dps, mostly as product catalogues. They have more markets with multiple language of the same catalogues.

Now I thought about your first suggestion to group collections by language, but it doesn't seam the best user experience.

It will feel more naturale to have the content presented based on the device language, which is what the majority of the apps do.



I just had a very intense discussion with our concept designer about the impossibility to build any useful language selection with DPS 2015. Building different selections just doesn't cut it, as you will always have a language selection as top level collection. And as a user I would expect to set this only once.

Was there anything planned in the meantime?

In DPS Classic you could o this by filters (not there in DPS 2015) and you had custom storefronts (also not planned in DPS 2015) where you could filter by anything in the product ID ( e.g. com.adobe.testpublication.en ) and even save the language choice on the devices local storage!

So for us it is a huge step backwards. We have big clients with catalogs in multiple languages and for those projects we could use the DPS 2015, as it is now, only with very ugly workarounds. And everything I read about all those big questions is: "it isn’t near the top of the list of things we plan to tackle". Very frustrating!