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Hello good people of earth.

Questions regarding "Layout & Cards".

1. Will a Card be visible on your "browse page" if you do not attach any content to it?

I am trying to create a mock up browse page to get an idea as to how we would like to see the content displayed.

But to no avail... everything I have tried to create a mock up will not push through to the app.  I have tried all that I can to get this to happen.

I have been using the "preview" icon to sync the changes to the app on my device... and I have also tried Neil's way of just deleting the app and re-installing it with itunes etc.  For some reason, every-time i do this, the app will usually just show a completely blank screen with no top nav bar.  Other times... I will get the nav bar with a notification that states "Content Not Found".

anyone else got this going on?

Is trying to design the browse page before hand the wrong way to go at this?

feeling kinda lost.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)




Cards are the visual representation for a piece of content, so yes, you always have to have content to lay out your browse page. This does make it tough to try and design your browse page when you don't have any actual content in your account yet. We're working on a new tool to assist with this, but it's still in development.

What I usually do is create banners instead of articles when starting a new project. A banner can be just an image and doesn't require content behind it, or can point to an URL (like something on your existing website) if you want your initial explorations to be a bit more interactive. Make a bunch of banners as placeholders for your content, add them to collections, and then design your cards and layouts. Once you've fiddled with the cards and layouts you can start to replace the banners with articles (or other collections) that are your real content.

If content isn't showing in your viewer it's almost certainly because you don't have your top-level collection configured correctly. I suggest going through the getting started videos from Colin with our getting started sample content, it's a good way to mind-meld with the TLC and get it going.