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issues importing single articles


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Hi! We have big problems importing single articles. Migrating whole folios wasn´t a problem till now, but we are at a point where we have to import single articles for minor corrections. Migrating everything everytime is way too complicated.

Importing single articles doesn´t work at all, there´s always an upload failure with an error message pointing out, that a certain Button isn´t mentioned in the manifest (see screen attached). Since we are using the German version of indesign, buttons are automatically named "Schaltfläche XXX" which is the German word for Button. As you can see the word contains the German special character (Umlaut) ä. I guess that´s the problem, I saw that that was an issue concerning other areas like tagging, could that be right?

If, that´s the problem, when do you think that will be fixed? That´s a huge problem for us, because we have some files with hundreds of buttons, sometime nested and therefore not too easy to be find.

We now also had the problem when migrating files, that where importet earlier showing the same upload error.

Thank you so much for taking your time!

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