Is there a place for HTMLResources in AEM Mobile?



Hello all,

i'm wondering how to convert inDesign folio which has a lot of HtmlOverlays to AEMM collection.

All HtmlOverlays uses the same js libraries and some common assets, so all of them points to HTMLResources, to not include same assets for every article.

Is there a way in AEMM to include one package of assets and to reference to them from HtmlOverlays from different articles?



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If you use the Folio Migration Tool to migrate your content, then articles will work, but the shared assets that were in the HTMLResources file are included individually in each migrated article. At this time, the Portal does not have the UI in place to upload shared resources. That feature is on the roadmap. However, you can use APIs to upload shared assets. For details, see this article:

Work with shared content using the On-Demand Services API



Thanks Christophe, but that's not the case. I'd like to use same assets from multiple articles having html overlays. In DPS it was done by packaging all assets into, attaching this zip to folio, and referring to it with ../../../HTMLResouces/sharedAsset from html.

I know that i can pack all assets to all articles, but this increases project size dramaticaly. Having nearly 50 articles in publication that are using same html assets which size is ~ 2MB, publication size increases by 100MB.