Is there a limit on the size of an article?



Is there a limit on the size of an article? I have made a section of my DPS that is 370MB due to there being many video resources in it. The article is created and I can puplish it, but when I try to load it on the ipad it download starts and gets about half way then  a grey bar pops up that says "Content Not Found" and a button that says "Tap to Refresh"

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No limit on the size of an article in theory. There's a 2GB limit on the size of an individual item. However, there's a real limit in terms of how long a user is going to wait for your content to display. In this day and age when users expect immediate gratification even over cellular connections, designers should be asking themselves - Will my user wait for this to download or will they give up and navigate away? We do our best to prefetch as much content as possible but a 370MB download is still a 370MB download and that's going to take some time.

That said, you should not be experiencing any errors with a file of that size. You may want to call tech support to start an investigation.

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I see the same problem in my project.


a. OVERLAYS name with special caracters. Ex.: "Button #223", "Botão 334", "Multistate @233".

b. OVERLAY ASSETS with special caracters in the file names. Images, videos, mp3, etc... Remove spaces and other special caracters.

Work's for me. The Indesign in brazilian portuguese use some special caracters in objects name.