Is the "old" DPS dead?



Hi there

I have 5 running magazines and 9 client publishing magazines in the "old" DPS solution and

have for the moment this 7 questions, i hope someone here can help me with.


Is the "old" DPS dead

Or can you still publish issues in the old way, not using CC2014?


Add interactivity

In our existing magazines we have very interactive adds, made in indesign, as i see the new DPS,

that will still be able to be exported in a fixed layout, but i usually make versions opf the ads to SD, HD,

iPhone and Androis, so the reader had the best experience on their reading platform,

how would you suggest to take them to the new level?


Magazines with adds

Not just as a banner in the layout grid.

We publish free magazines and are depended on having the adds naturally inside the magazines.

Can you give me som of the "beta users" solutions with that?


Offline acces

The example i have been seeing have no acces ofline.

I know it is updating immediately, but the version you are looking at before you go offline would be essential to have readable.

Ex. A magazine for soldiers, they are sometimes off network (obviously)

but still with brakes, where they enjoy reading their magazine.

Will they have offline acces in the "real" version?


Language selection

Today i make a Magazine that in the same app appears in DK, SV, NO and Finnish.

And another Magazineone just in 3 language, but in the same app.

Will there be a possibility to select language?

What would you suggest for them?


Acces to earlier folio issues

Some of my magazines are not only news, but have content of interest even when a new issue is published

Is i possible to have acces to the old folios, without having to "convert them"?


Social sharing

I haven't seen the possibility in the new ones

Is social sharing possible?

I hope you can help me with one or more of my questions, thank you!


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)




1. No it isn't. You can continue to use the "classic" DPS system.

2. You can make separate versions of your content for phones vs. tablets. Note that in the new DPS system all content can be displayed on all devices (even fixed layout content) and we'll scale and letterbox/pillarbox as necessary. This dramatically reduces the amount of versions of your content you have to make. Also note that even with the previous DPS system our guidance is to only create one rendition for tablets, not separate SD and HD versions.

3. Nothing's changed here with the new DPS system. You're in complete control over the structure of your content. If you still want to publish "issues" just put all your articles in a collection and call that "July 2015", for example, on a browse page. Ads are the same as they were in the classic DPS system: you do them as individual articles within the collection, created in InDesign or as HTML.

4. We cache previously downloaded articles for offline viewing automatically. We are working on adding support for explicitly marking a collection for offline viewing, but it isn't currently available in the viewers.

5. DPS 2015 doesn't support filters, which is probably what you were using to manage multiple languages of a magazine in the same app. With DPS 2015 you could do a main browse page that offers language selection, and then after that have all the localized version of the content grouped into collections.

6. The DPS 2015 and DPS Classic systems are separate. If you want to offer your back issues in DPS 2015 you have to use the content migration tool to migrate them over. It's really easy and works fine.

7. Social sharing is available on iOS in DPS 2015, just like in the classic product.


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Answers (2)



DPS Classic will continue to be supported using CC2014 and earlier versions of InDesign for at least a year according to a statement I heard at the launch event for the new DPS in NYC.



I'm with Helen on this one! I'd really like to know how advertising works in the new Adobe Digital Publishing Solution. I'd love to upgrade to it, however I still want readers to read our publication just like they do currently. Advertising funds the production of the digital magazine and if it's hidden away and not noticed, then this is a very big problem.