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I created my first App last year. Obviously at that time I created all required certificates. I am ready to create my second app. Do I need to create new certificates for this second app?

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Accepted Solutions (1)




You don't need to create new .p12 development and distribution certificates. You use those same certificates for all your apps. But for the second app, you need to create an new App ID and mobile provision files based on that App ID. If you're enabling push notifications, you also need different .p12 push certificates.

Use same for all apps:

.p12 development certificate

.p12 distribution certificate

Required for each app:

development mobile provision file

distribution mobile provision file

.p12 development push cert

.p12 distribution push cert

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Answers (1)



By "second app" do you mean:

A) an update to the first app you created or

B) another app altogether (a different magazine for example)?

Bob's answer if only applicable if your answer is B.

If your answer if A and you're updating the app, you can use all the same certificates as long as they haven't expired. If they've expired you'll need to re-generate the certificates for the app.