integrating launch with android app





am implementing adobe analytics using launch for an android app.

I started with the sample app "bus booking" and followed the steps as shared in adobe help.

After launch integration i launched the app(run the app) in android studio and checked the logcat for adobedtm to make sure the connection established between launch and the app.

But it doesn't happen and could find the log infor as "2020-01-16 20:24:04.372 15495-15585/com.adobe.busbooking W/AdobeExperienceSDK: RemoteDownloader - File could not be downloaded from URL ( Response: (-1) Message: (null)" could anyone help me to solve this

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No need to worry about that message in the logs, try to send a pageview(trackState) or click(trackAction) call and check the logs you should be able to see the same data in logs what ever been set and sent in the trackState() or trackAction() calls.