InDesign CC 2015 Overlay Panel Acting Buggy?



Hi there,

I think there maybe something buggy with the Window> Overlays Panel in InDesign CC 2015.

I had my last update about 29 days ago and it seemed to look OK before that.

However now if you try to select one other the items like video or audio the text and fields in the panel "overlays" themselves so I can't choose options.

I wonder if anyone else is having this issue?

Maybe Adobe can fix it on the next update?

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Any update to whats going on with this? I'm still having the same problem in CC2017. Constantly having to rename the App Data files is getting old.



Is this still being worked on by chance?  It seems to be happening more and more often, I am having to go into AppData almost every time before I start InDesign to rename the files.




There's no update to InDesign. I shared details with the team and they have been struggling to reproduce the problem. It did seem like the preference reset would address this, but apparently not. Your steps and screenshots should be helpful in getting them to actually reproduce the problem.



Is there any update to this yet? I reset the preferences and that seemed to work for awhile; however, now that I have been using overlays again the problem is back. again, it doesn't happen every time, just randomly.  Then if I sit there pushing buttons or wait long enough it will work.  However, very annoying! Here are some images of mine, trying to create an image sequence but the video options wouldn't go away.

InDesign Overlay Error.jpg



Thanks for sharing the tip on how to reset the preferences, gave it a try and so far so good! Also, Bob speaks the truth about the Overlays Panel.  If you are only publishing online, you can ignore the Overlays Panel completely because none of it will work. You will have to stick with buttons to navigate.



Hi Bob thanks for getting back to me. Adobe Tech got back to me and I have

resolved the issue.

This is what was sent:

f this doesn't resolve the problem, please try resetting preferences:

Close Indesign

Press Windows key + R

Type “Appdata” -> local-> Adobe-> Adobe InDesign -> Version -> rename

the folder en_GB etc to “OLD”

Type “Appdata” -> roaming-> Adobe-> InDesign -> Version -> rename the

folde en_GB etc to “OLD”

This did the trick.

I was wondering if you could possibly answer another question:

I have an object state with five images on a DPS document (1024x768).

Originally I had them set up with buttons to navigate.

This worked fine when publishing online. Since the Overlay menu is now

working i am trying to Automate this with no success.

I select the object state, go to Overlays, select Auto play and when I save

and publish there is no automation.

I am using Indesign CC 1015.3 release.

any help would be much appreciated . Thank You!

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I have the same issue, been having it off and on since they changed the Overlays panel.  Sometimes it works and sometimes the text is overlapping, unreadable and options not able to click on.  I keep thinking Adobe will release an update to fix it, but nothing!



Weird... I waited a few minutes and now the "overlay" panel is normal again. So maybe it just needed me to turn off the program and come back in an wait a moment.