Implement a DPS Storefront in AEM




I have a DPS App in stores (Google, Apple and Windows) and i would like to upgrade my DPS to AEM, but i need to keep html design and features.
How can i implement a DPS 2014 Storefront in AEM?

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)



The functionality is quite a bit different in AEM Mobile On Demand apps than it was in DPS Classic apps.

If you create an HTML based article and it is the first item in the default collection, then your app will open to the HTML article without going to a "normal" AEM Mobile browse page.  That way the HTML article can work like your storefront. 

The isn't really a direct mapping of the older storefront APIs (for one thing the concept of a folio no longer exists).  The AEM Mobile runtime APIs [1] and Cordova plugin APIs [2] offer many of the same functionality.

[1] AEM Mobile specific Cordova-enabled plug-ins

[2] Use Cordova plug-ins in AEM Mobile