i want to talk to someone in person



@I just hit all kinds of things that I thought would get me to a screen with a phone number. I was not successful. I have been trying to make changes to a document all DAY I don't do this often and it keeps telling me I need to purchase but then it says I have an account. I want a REAL person to talk with. I MUST speak to my customers and they spend much more than $25 bucks once a year

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Answers (12)




Are you creating a Mobile App with your work?  This forum is for the "AEM Mobile" product, which can receive content from InDesign and incorporate it into a Mobile App.  There are better forums to ask Illustrator and InDesign queries where you'll receive better, quicker answers.




Jana, please let us know where you are getting a 404 not found. Our forums are very active and moderated by real Adobe Community Professionals who take pride in answering questions posted daily. Start here - https://forums.adobe.com/welcome




Penny if you are typesetting a book, you definitely Should be using InDesign and not Illustrator. Text Wrap is a basic feature of InDesign.

- Dax



No, I am not however, I DPS told me to purchase the Adobe Illustrator.  I will tell you what I am trying to do.  I am typing a book for someone and now that person wants pictures in the book.  I need a program that will let the text wrap around the picture, not through the picture, not over top or below the pictures.  What program can I use? 



Good Afternoon,

Last week I purchased a monthly subscription for Adobe Illustrator.  Now, someone told me that I need Indesign.  Maybe you could help me and let me know what exactly need.  But before we do that, can I delete the Illustrator if I don't need it?



AEM Mobile does not have a scanner capability. Can you provide some more information?

What Adobe product are you having trouble with? If its Adobe Acrobat you may try posting your question to the Acrobat forum:Acrobat



i am having problems with adobe. will not allow to save scanned docs. i called adobe and will not talk to me. I need assistance now and not what until hopefully someone respond to my query which i highly doubt solves my problem.



I would like to talk to a real person at Adobe too because none of the solutions I'm seeing online help with my problem.  Please help - ASAP! 

Thanks in advance!