How to preview an article, collection or app without signing the app? Is it possible?




I work with Adobe InDesign CC 2015 on Windows 7.

I'm developing a digital magazine for iPad and Android tablets.

I don't have an Apple or Google developer account yet.

Until the accounts are created, is there any way to preview the articles or the collections on a real tablet without signing the app?


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Accepted Solutions (1)




Ok, I totally missed that you said article and collection in the title. Lol. Oops

For iOS you need to have a developer account so you can create the mobileprovision file and certificates to sign and install the preview app. For Android you do need to have a certificate to sign it, but you don't need a developer account to do that. You can generate a certificate using the keytool app that comes with Java, sign your preview .apk file, and install that on your Android device.