how to load & preview app?



I have followed all the steps in the User Guide and built a test app..followed all the steps to sign it. I am at the point of wanting to load it and preview it on my iOS devices and need help.

This is my first app build; the Adobe Guide says "Use iTunes, Xcode, or a different method to load the signed app to your iOS device"

1. Can anyone recommend a online tutorial for this step? I don't know how to load the app to preview with iTunes or Xcode.

My app is signed - and I got the message the signed copy is stored next to the unsigned copy from the Adobe Publishing App Signing Tool.

2.  Where does it save these files? If the app is built in the cloud, where is the signed app files?  The screen still shows my app as an 'Unsigned App'

Thank you for any help.

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For how to load the signed app (.ipa) to the iOS device via iTunes, please refer to the "Installing Your App on Test Devices" section on this Apple Developer page.

The Adobe Digital Publishing Solution‌ platform will only store the unsigned version of the app. The signed app generated by the Adobe Publishing App Signing Tool will be local to your computer, within the same directory that the unsigned app was downloaded to. i.e. if the unsigned app was downloaded to the default "Download" folder, then the signed app (with suffix "-signed") will also be in the "Download" folder.

- Mike

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Rebecca, an alternative is using a free service at

Simply drag the signed .IPA file to the upload area and click send...

The site will respond with a link that you can send to your phone, or tablet.

Follow the link, click on the "Install Application" and your app is installed on your device.

Pretty painless and an easy way to distribute to all devices you have provisioned.

Good luck,


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