how to link dynamic banner to sign-in prompt?



hello, is anybody out there? my previous 3 posts have gone unanswered. i'm hoping that someone can help this time.

referencing this page:

under the description for Dynamic Banners, it mentions the ability to have a dynamic banner that "displays the entitlement sign-in prompt," but there is no link to more info. i have looked everywhere for instructions on how to do this. i am sure it's a very simple thing that can be accomplished with a navto:, but i don't know what the navto: should link to. any help would be appreciated!


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Accepted Solutions (1)



Dynamic Banners have access to the same JavaScript APIs as HTML articles.  So, you can use the same calls that you would if you were writing a HTML based article, including the out of the box Cordova plugins

The User API has a launchSignInUX method that you can call from your banner.

Have a look at the AEM Mobile specific Cordova-enabled plug-ins help article for details and a link to some samples.

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Answers (2)




Sample entitlement banner code is now available under "Dynamic banners" in this article:

Creating banners and dynamic banners for browse pages

If you're not signed in, you get a "Click here to sign in" prompt. If you're signed in, you get a Sign Out button that displays the banner short title (or "Hello"). You can edit the index.html file to provide your own strings and formatting. (Remember to select the "Enable extensibility features" option when creating the dynamic banner.)