How to create a shared entity




I've been looking for some way to use js and css files in my DPS projects. I need to use the same js file to many articles and I found a solution: shared contents.

The problem is that the docs page isn't clear about how to create the shared entity and how to call these files inside the articles.

I've downloaded a zip file from Digital Publishing Solution Help | Content Producer Service SDK for PHP and read Digital Publishing Solution Help | Work with shared content using the Content Producer Service API .

Can anybody help me on how to create the shared entity and call the shred files inside the articles?

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)




Hi Leo,

We don't have UI for doing this currently, the only method is to write code using the information from the pages you found. Honestly I would just put your CSS and JS into each article for now. We will have some UI for doing this hopefully in the first quarter of next year.