How to change Service Auth URL on Adobe Edge Servers?



Hi, we had to change the URL for "Service url" and "Service auth url" in DPS App Builder configuration. We've done this changes a few days ago and we've created the new versions of our apps but the apps still doens't allow us to log in. We've tried to look at the communication between apps and our service and it seems that Adobe servers still calls the old url. How can we update the info on Adobe edge servers regarding the new auth URL?


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Accepted Solutions (1)




Hi Sebastian,

Please note that the integratorID is the first parameter that is taking into consideration when the communication is made with your Direct Entitlement set up.

So, as long as the intergratorID has your old server path, these values will always be present.

The Service URL and Service AuthURL are only verified if the verification of the integratorID fails, so as a backup these the two values are being checked.

You will need to get in touch with your support team if you would like to update the URL of the integratorID.