How is the new DPS different for creating content with InDesign?



While the new DPS is great, It has left me with questions about the direction to follow in my development for my clients. It would be nice to speak with someone regarding the differences in digital publishing now vs what Adobe was offering (and I still using and developing against for my clients).

it seems that the new DPS options are quite different than before in particular the content creation and output.

Is there some  in particular I can speak with or is there a seminar/workshop Adobe is holding that I can attend and have my questions answered? In the past I have attended some with Collin at the Adobe offices.

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Hi Randy,

I recommend starting at Digital Publishing Solution | Beta Resources. There's a quickstart guide, links to recorded webinars (as well as upcoming live ones if you prefer) that discuss the differences, and video tutorials that walk through the new system. Joining one of Colin's upcoming webinars and asking questions there may be an option.

You can also post your questions in this forum.