Having Trouble Updating an App in Google Play Store



We've created an AEMM app that is an update to a previous digital pub app that was NOT made w/ AEMM.

In order to submit the app as an update to the Google Play Store, the .apk file must be signed with the same certificate as the original app. The original app had been created by NXTBook Media. We were able to obtain the original certificate and passwords from them - however, it is not a .p12 certificate. It appears to be some sort of keystore certificate, generated by Android Studio - “keystore.jks” and requires two complex passwords, which I have. 

I don’t know how to  sign the unsigned .apk w/ Android Studio using the original certificate - or know if that is even possible. I can select the certificate and add the passwords but the application doesn’t seem to allow me to target the .apk file we created w/ AEMM.

Any advice, or instruction anyone can provide, on how to resolve this issue, would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you,


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Accepted Solutions (1)




Hi Tommy,

Do you have the AEM Mobile Signing Tool? My guess is that you do, but that you cannot use the ".jks" file with it because the tool is wants a ".keystore" file. Both can contain certificates, and so my first try would be to backup the original file, then create a copy with the extension of the file changed to ".keystore" and see if that works in the tool. If that doesn't work, you'll need to better understand what's in the file. There are many tools available to do that - one that I have used before is the Keystore Explorer.


Kirk Mattson