Has the iOS Enterprise IPA Signing Process Changed?



When I try to install the IPA to an iPad from my web page, I get a dialog after almost ten minutes of "Waiting..." on the icon:

Unable to Download App "App Name" could not be downloaded at this time.

Reading the device log is not very helpful. After slogging through seven minutes of entries, almost 3,000 lines, the best error I can find says:

Jul 19 09:08:40 PADD-mini-02 SpringBoard(FrontBoard)[49] <Error>: Applications did fail to install: (

    "<LSApplicationProxy: 0x151d85a20> com.ambitenergy.ambitjapan (null) <com.ambitenergy.ambitjapan <INVALID >> {9D7B8F6A-7A5D-4AF8-862D-0B6B3002FED1 432}"

) (appInfos: (null))

I can't figure out exactly why it's failing. But I think it might be an improperly signed IPA.

When I sign the IPA with the AEM Mobile Signing Tool (release.2017.2), I use the .mobileprovision file for this app. The only options in the Certificate drop down are:

- Select a certificate

√ Developer ID Application: My Company (numbersandletters)

- Mac Developer: My Name (numbersandletters)

Shouldn't there be an item like:

- iOS Enterprise Developer: My Company (numbersandletters)

And at no point in the iOS signing process am I asked for the .p12 file or the associated password.

Please keep in mind: this is for iOS Enterprise, not using the Apple App Store.

Questions, then:

1. Why is this failing to install?

2. Am I signing the IPA correctly?

3. Am I missing a certificate?

Related Questions:

1. Is there a way to view the iPad console in a better way? The Xcode Devices window only shows like 10 lines at a time and is unfiltered. Plus, it takes so long for the installation to fail that the log is jam packed with thousands of other unwanted messages about battery, bluetooth,

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)



As a follow up to my own question, the problem was a bungled set of certificates. There were two iOS Distribution Certificates in my Apple Developer Account and neither was installed on my computer. Because the names were the same, it was impossible to tell which one was used for the mobile provisioning profile.

The solution was to delete both iOS Distribution Certificates in my Apple Developer Account. We could do this because everything was already broken, so deleting these certificates wouldn't break things any further. There was only one app depending on it, which was the one we were having trouble installing.

After making a new iOS Distribution Certificate, I downloaded it and installed it on my computer. I then created a new mobile provisioning profile based on the new iOS Distribution Certificate, downloaded it and signed the IPA with these new assets.

Everything worked just fine.

A huge shout out to Vikas at Adobe Enterprise Support for patiently walking me through the problem and its solution.

To document this for future me, the certificate dropdown in the AEM Mobile Signing Tool should look like:

- Select a certificate

√ iPhone Distribution: My Company

- Developer ID Application: My Company (numbersandletters)

- Mac Developer: My Name (numbersandletters)