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We are migrating our app from DPS 2014 to DPS 2015. Until now, we were publishing magazines each month, paid one by one by our consumers. Which worked fine on IOS and Android.

With DPS 2015, we want to offer daily content within the app, and so, offer a subscription so our customers gain access to specific collections for a period of time. The problem is i just read it is not possible at this time to create subscriptions for android apps in DPS 2015.  ( Digital Publishing Solution Help | Set up in-app purchases and subscriptions ‌). Really annoying. I can't figure out how i'm going to monetize my content in the android app.

Any idea of when google store subscription will be available for DPS 2015 ? ( Subscriptions on Google Play - Google Play Help) Or how i can solve my problem ?

thanks for the help.


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Accepted Solutions (1)




Hi Fred,

We haven't ever offered subscriptions on Android, either in the previous Digital Publishing Suite product or DPS 2015. It's something we're considering adding but I don't expect it will be available in the near future.


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Answers (2)



As someone who has to explain the differences in features between DPS platforms (iOS, Android, Windows) I would like to encourage Adobe to maintain parity between the app platforms. I can understand that some features are unique to an OS or storefront because of capabilities, but on features like this they should be available on all platforms. I would rather have a less used feature removed from one platform than to have other platforms without the feature.



In case of the direct entitlement available for the magazine, one of the possible scenarios for now is to add Android-specific HTML code with the link/button to the website's subscription page, where then PayPal/Stripe is used to collect subscription payments.