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As otf/ttf and Woff files are needed in dps2015, where i can found thoses files at Adobe?

Can i dwnld fontes in otf and Woff in Adobe TypeKit include in CCT?

Is there those files in the FontFolio?

Do i need to use a otf2woff converter?

What is the Adobe approch as a Font Seller for an end customer that need fonte?

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Accepted Solutions (1)



My understanding currently:

Typekit fonts are not licensed for embedding in an app.

You should check the EULA or contact the type foundry to see if the font can be embedded in an app.

Check with the foundry for the WOFF, or if you can use a conversion utility/service.

If the font is more current, the foundry may provide downloads for OTF/TTF and WOFF. That's where I'm getting the fonts I'm working with.

HTH - Colin

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