Feature Request: Multiple Layouts per Collection...



Unless I am wrong, and I am never wrong...  just kidding, that's from The Princess Bride... 

As the platform currently functions,  a project with 2 TLCs, each collection that requires a different layout between tablet and phone, requires a duplicate collection so that those same cards, w/ same rules can be applied to a different layout, correct?

Wouldn't it make sense that, IF a project has 2 TLCs, then each collection should be able to be assigned 2 layouts???

It's very confusing when you have two sets of collections, each with the same name (because it's visible within the app) and all sub collections duplicated as well... especially when they're accessing responsive HTML articles.

Seems to me it would be so much more efficient and a better DX (developer/designer experience) to be able to apply a Tablet layout to a collection and a Phone layout to the same collection - or at least the ability to duplicate the collection, instead of having to rebuild each one separately!

Just a thought - that I hope will be considered! 



(BTW, the new layout tool is friggin' awesome!!!)

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Accepted Solutions (1)

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