Feature Request: Duplicate Banners within a Collection



Often when we're designing a browse page, we may use a banner similar to the use of a "spacer GIF" in HTML. However, the way AEM Mobile currently works, we need to create an individual "spacer" banner for each instance of it we need.


In the current browse page I'm developing:

I've got a series of articles centered and stacked within the middle of a browse page

I've got negative space on both the left and right of each of these articles. 

I'm using a "spacer" on either side of the article images. 

Currently, I need to add 8 individual duplicate banners each with unique names, yet each containing the exact same internal keywords.

Seems to me, it would make much more sense to be able to upload 1 banner and use it 8 times within the collection.



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)




With the June 23 release, banners now support navto links, allowing you to link to the same article or collection from multiple places within a browse page.

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Answers (1)



Could DEFINITELY use Banners w/ Navto functionality!!!  I second that one Bob!!! Often w/ our publication clients, we'd like to have some links on the covers within a browse page, but unfortunately, we're limited to one card per article, and to keep from screwing with the analytics (not to mention the UX), we don't want to post the article more than once.  But a Navto Banner would alleviate that all together!!!