Fast Company App Menu Style



In Fast Company App

They have a double menu titles that is styled and colored not like the default.

How did they accomplish that as I would love to have something like this

Hamburger Menu

Current Issue (in grey)
Spring/Summer Collection (in red)

Previous Issue (in grey)

Fall/Winter Collection (in red)

All Articles (in grey)
Article Archive (In red)

The other feature they have is in the top right hand corner text that links to filter i would just like to put text there that links to a specific collection such as article archive.

Can this be done in DPS 2015 or is this something custom that Fast Company was able to do, as I don't see where the options are to make those changes. To build the menu I put my collections and articles under the Default tablet and it gives me a menu.

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Accepted Solutions (1)




Hi George,

The Fast Company app is a proof of concept app and isn't built on DPS 2015. There are a few aspects of its UI that were specific to their design, and that we haven't built into the DPS 2015 platform.