Experiences with WordPress-Plugin for DPS2015








Hi there.

at the moment we are testing the WordPress-Plugin for DPS2015.

It works great and we connected it to the Adobe DPS, so that we now are able to produce Articles inside WordPress.

My questions are:

- Has anyone else experiences with this Plugin?

- Is there a way to get the articles for this Plugin inside the WordPress-Blog?

Would be great if we could use the articles for the WordPress-Blog and for the DPS at once.



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I've been working on this for the last month or so with little success. 

First it would not install properly but that was fixed by moving to a new host (it was time to renew and I was able to confirm an error free install on another service so we moved from the suggested host to Hostmonster).   I created a ticket with Mercury Studio on their site when I started having the issue.. and heard back from them a few weeks later (this was during the holidays) by which time i had already side-stepped the issue.

Now the plugin won't create a proper .article file.  It's frustrating.

I've followed the Plug-In's documentation,  ensured i'm using the correct version of WordPress, and provided them with the info below...but it's been 8 days w/ nothing from the plugin developer. 

ticket:  Error: Unable to parse the manifest file. [IN014] · Issue #40 · StudioMercury/digital-publishing-too...

no error from the plugin or wordpress site but when i look at dps, i get this:

Upload Failure
The content was not uploaded.
Unable to parse the manifest file. [IN014]
Select upload to try again.

confirmed we are using a known working version of WP (4.3.2) and have the following server config:

Apache 2.2.31

PHP 5.4.43

MySQL 5.5.42

Perl 5.10.1

downloaded the article from wordpress  and received the .article file, a 'contents' folder (containing only a thumbnail file with zero bytes size) and sidecar.xml.  when i crack the .article file open, it only contains the manifest.xml file and it appears to be wrong:

< manifest dateModified="2016-01-18T15:56:44Z" targetViewer="33.0.0" version="3.0.0" >< index/ >< resources/ >< /manifest >

If anybody has any suggestions, please let me know.