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Hi there,

We're in the process of developing a new version of an existing DPS app, using AEM.

Ideally, we'd like to use the same entitlement server that is running on the DPS version and launch the AEM version of the App to run in parallel with the existing DPS one - with the DPS effectively becoming an archive version, the AEM version taking advantage of the new features.

I've gone through (what I think) to be the correct steps in the AEM build, but in the development version of the AEM App, when trying to sign in to an entitlement account, via the 'Account' prompt, I can enter any details and they allow a login.

Is this something to be expected in a development version, or have I missed something in the setup / approach?

API version should be correct - is there any major difference required in setting this up vs DPS?

Any guidance greatly appreciated.

Thanks, Tom.

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Accepted Solutions (1)




AEM Mobile uses the same Direct Entitlement v2 API that DPS uses. However, if your DPS entitlement services uses features that are specific to DPS, such as folio names or DPS-specific account IDs, the entitlement service won't work for AEM Mobile. You'll need to edit the configuration. For example, you should use Product IDs instead of folio names. See these articles for details:

Set up entitlement in AEM Mobile apps

Use the On-Demand Services API to access collection and product details for AEM Mobile

Regarding the ability to enter any details to sign in, that behavior doesn't seem right. I'll ask around.

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