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Duplicate Collections and Articles


Level 4

Is there a way to duplicate Collections and Articles? I would like to have a Template Collection and/or Template Article with all the correct Metadata in it. Otherwise it would be helpful to import metadata out of other Collections/Articles.

Any ideas?

Thank you!


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Level 5

I agree.

We would love to be able to import XML metadata and apply it to an entire list of articles in one collection. Much like you can do with Classic using the XML sidecar.



Not yet, but there are plans for copying content and importing metadata.



While we wait, you can also tackle this using the DPS 2015 Content Producer Service APIs.

Here's a recipe structure for this:

  1. load the XML file into memory
  2. Set the necessary credentials
  3. Set the project Id and collection entity name (not title)
  4. Request for the list of content elements within the specified collection (step 3)
  5. Iterate through the list of content elements and update each entity metadata with the data from the XML file (step 1)
    • Please note that the content element will reference an entity, which can be an article, banner, or collection.
    • You can selectively choose the types of entity to update, or update all regardless of type (i.e. I want to apply the XML metadata to articles, but not banners or collections)


Level 4

​Thank you for your investigation! I'm looking forward to this feature




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