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Answers (3)



Hi Neil

I haven't used the new system yet - only explored the tutorials offered by Adobe (Colin Flemming)

The system looks good (although the uploading of images and articles seems more labour intensive) compared to the

one click "upload open indesign document" feature in folio builder... however the Creating assets seems to be much more simple

... the only reason we won't jump onto this platform immediately is that we need to offer our readers ALL platforms

including the web viewer - SO soon as that is available I'm sure we'll be on board

Thanks for your help





Hi Gurd,

I don't have an expected date for web viewer availability, sorry. We do not have any plans at the moment to discontinue Digital Publishing Suite.

Note that DPS 2015 does support magazines as well, with an expanded set of purchasing options over the previous product (you can offer all-access subscriptions on iOS). Why does DPS 2015 not work for your case?




Thanks for getting back Neil.. much appreciated

Any idea how long that will be?

AND question 2...

Will the older platform (or way of creating apps) with folio builder etc -

be discontinued and everyone will have to switch to DPS 2015 at some point

or will both choices be available - the reason I ask is that we also publish magazine apps

and the content viewer has a very high rate of success according to the analytics data

Thanks Gurd