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We created a test app with a trial Digital Publishing Solution account. When signing the app with Signing toll, we got error message - the screen capture is attached to this email. Why would this error occur?


1- We are updating an app we created with older version of dps.

2- We checked all information we wrote like name of the app, app id etc. they were correct.

Thank you.

Ekran Resmi 2015-08-17 18.13.34.png

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Can you provide us with some additional information regarding the application you're trying to sign?

Did you have both apps(the .ipa and Signer Tool) on the same machine? Or did you try to sign the app from a different volume, remote machine, etc.?

Signing a different application works? Or all signing attempts fail with the same error message, for any app?

Also, if you can provide us with the .ipa that triggered the initial error, it would be of great help for us in debugging the problem.

Thank you!




Wow, that's crazy! I've never seen that error before. Let me send this to the App Builder team, they'll likely have some follow-up questions about your system configuration and such.