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Hi, I am not a developer but I use DPS to design content based apps. So forgive if my questions are too basic for most of the folks here.

So far I have only used Indesign and Muse to design my app content, in the old DPS system. I used muse to design and export HTML slideshows. I have two questions -

1. What are the new tools for DPS 2015 in Indesign. I installed the plug in and notice the following tools as part of DPS 2015 in Indesign -

- Export DPS article

- New "Overlay" panel

is there anything else ?

2. DPS 2015 can have Articles exported from Indesign or HTML articles.

For HTML articles, what do I need to ask my developer ? As I mentioned I am not a developer but would need to get some content designed by a developer in HTML5. I know we can covert the HTML articles using the HTML package utility.

But Are there any specifications/guidelines for creating HTML articles specifically for using in DPS 2015 apps.

Thanks in advance.


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Accepted Solutions (1)




1. You have the correct list.

2. There isn't anything special you need to do if you are doing simple HTML content. The only place you need to get fancy is if you want to handle touch gestures to do special things, like manipulate a puzzle, swipe through a slideshow, etc. We have some new APIs in DPS 2015 that help HTML content authors have explicit control over gestures when they want them. Details and a code sample are available at https://forums.adobe.com/servlet/JiveServlet/downloadBody/6054-102-1-8012/DPS_HTML_Gesture_API_Examp....


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