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Since June the setAuthToken function is available via Cordova API (AEM Mobile specific Cordova-enabled plug-ins​) . However I find it hard to see how it can be used from the documentation.

From reading Experience Manager Mobile Release 2016.9 Now Available | Adobe Experience Manager Mobile​ I would assume that it should be possible to silently login users from articles (using the setAuthToken method). However when playing around with it I could not figure out how this would be possible. Does somebody know

1) What is the actual functionality of this method and what can and should be used as Auth token?

2) What endpoint does it call on the Entitlement service (I assume that it does that)?

3) When I tried this feature on my generic Identity Provider (from the example ES) I got a code 43 which is not documented - did somebody get this feature actually working?

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Accepted Solutions (1)




The error being returned is an unauthorized error. The setAuthToken API integrates with the entitlement server. Is that how you're trying to use it? It will call SignInWithCredentials on your server. The authToken can be anything you want, but it should be able to identify a user, preferably after decrypting the authToken or something similar to protect identity.

I'll see if we can add an example in the documentation.

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