Difference between Digital Publishing Suite (CC2014) and Digital Publishing Solution (CC2015)



This might be the dumbest question ever, but what exactly is the difference between DPSuite in Indesign 2014 and the "DPSolution" in Indesign 2015?

I'm familiar with working and creating folio's in DPS2014 (using the folio builder and the Adobe Viewer), but in 2015 it is not (YET?) available...

Do I need to use the DPS 2015 now? Learn how to create folio's / APPs in another way? Can I still create a folio in the same way and distribute it locally through the Adobe Viewer?

I'm kinda puzzled and can't find a straight answer between the promo talk / sales pitch...

Thanks for your input





ok I looked into that, and it seems they are 2 different approaches...

The folio workflow I have set up in CC 2014 (build folio, distribute internally through Adobe viewer, no certificates or developper account necessary) will not migrate to CC 2015 then? Not nor or in the future?