Designing card images



are there any good rules of thumb when designing your card images?

how would you determine the "live space" for your card image?  so that your design does not get trimmed or cut off?

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)



At this time, DPS 2015 does the following:

- The card format and image aspect ratio (for image top, left, and right) determine the image size and shape as influenced by card dimensions (column & row) and the layout's aspect ratio.

- The card image (for articles, banners, and collections) is scaled to fill the image area of the card, then centered, and cropped.

General guidance is to use a large images for all card images so that you get a good result for large cards as well as small cards.

But the primary guidance at this point is to be very aware of what's at the center of the image. "Artsy" rule of thirds images will not survive well.

There is an interplay between these factors, and you may have to play with card design to make your plan work. Making the graphics for a wide and short card image fill the maximum space of a card can take some serious fiddling at first. Watch the scale to fill result very carefully.

N.B. - The brand image is treated differently.

Brand image is scaled to fit, instead of scale to fill. We don't crop brand image.